Shoot a Compound Bow Like a Medieval Warrior

medievalforest compoundbowsOne of the most common types of bows in the Far East during the Middle Ages was the compound bow. Although it was considered smaller and shorter than its counterpart, the longbow, it is better and mainly used on horseback as a horseman’s trusted weapon when the Mongols and other nomadic raiders were at war. It works under the concept of that both ends of the bow are bent forward thus forcing the rider / archer to use a much more significant amount of energy and force to pull the string back to its essential point. This bow is also sometimes called a recurve bow since its shape clearly shows that it really curves back to itself and its this design that gave the weapon is incredible stopping power in comparison to other bow’s sizes. Though its range is not as long as the longbow. This trusty bow was used throughout the medieval times by different armies like the Mongol, Tartar and the Turkish light infantry troops. This was also used in Hungary, Russia and Poland. Surprisingly it was still being used by some Cossack troops in the 17th century and some Russian auxiliary cavalry even carried them during the Napoleonic wars. So how to do you shoot this trusty weapon properly. Here is how;

Start shooting in a tree-like stance. Have your feet and shoulder evenly apart. Make sure you are standing facing your side and make sure the shooting line is between your legs.

Now hold your bow on a right angle facing the target. Bring your bow up and make sure your grip on it is not too tight and not too loose either, this will minimize the possibility of injury. Bend your elbow slightly because this will make it a little bit more comfortable and avoid the string to twang on your arm, that will be a bit painful and can even break skin.

You can now draw your bow back. Face towards your target to see what you are doing. This can be difficult at first but do not lose hope, it will become much easier as you progress.

When you have drawn the string completely, find a spot where you can anchor or rest your hand. It does not matter if you are using a release or not, you must find a spot where you can rest your hand when you pull your string back. You always need to remember where this spot is, this will serve as your anchor. Like mentioned, it can be anywhere you are comfortable with, like putting your thumb on your ear or your knuckles resting on your cheek. Again, wherever it feels right and comfortable.

Try to put your nose against the string because this will serve a secondary anchor and will improve your accuracy, it is not fully required but it can help. Do not bend your neck, this will impact your shot and can be uncomfortable. Look down your sight, if you have a peep sight, make use of that.

When you are ready, take a deep breath as you release the arrow or by pulling the trigger and follow through with that motion by moving your hand back if you have a release. Or just let the string slip through your fingers if you don’t have a release.

Compound bows are very popular in the market today. Archery is a popular sport and hobby so, if you’re looking to getting into this sport, there are certain trusted brands you should visit when it comes to compound bows..