Food Intake in the Middle Ages was like the GM Diet

medievalforest gmdietWhen it comes to dieting using the GM Diet, especially for beginners, it will give you the feeling like you are eating primitive foods. It is like you are back to the medieval times where food is as basic as it gets. Little to no cooked foods, lots of veggies and no meat. You heard that right, no meat and here below is what is on the menu along with how you tackle the diet.

Day one, is also known as adjustment day. Immediately, you need to learn that you will only have the basics and on this day, you can only eat fruits. Any fruit except bananas and just water. No juices. Have apples and a couple of glasses of water as breakfast then move on to other fruits like watermelons at lunch and then more of these during dinner time.

On the second day you can have fresh veggies and greens. You can have them cooked or uncooked, it is fine. You can have all of the veggies and greens you want as well. Make sure you drink lots of water in between meals and during meals. Additionally you can eat baked potatoes, it will be difficult during these times and you will need all help you can get.

Day three is where you try to mix things up and do a little adjustments here and there for your new diet. On the first couple of days you were restricted with either fruits or vegetables, but today you can have both. Eat any kind of fruits you want except bananas and have any kind of vegetables you want except potatoes. Have as much as your heart’s desire but do not forget to drink water. Starting off fruits in the morning and end it with veggies at night is the best way to go.

Fourth day, today you can have your bananas and as a treat, have some milk as well. You can also have some GM soup, but if it is not available then you can have vegetable soup. Water is also important. Again, all fruit in the morning and the soup in the evening. Bananas and milk if you feel like having a treat.

On the fifth day you are free to have as much tomatoes and water. You can also have a cup of steamed rice and cooked veggies along with it. this is a little bit similar to day four but no milk. Maintain your water intake and you can begin eating small amounts of fish. Have it during lunch or dinner.

On your sixth day, have some of that soup again, as much vegetables as you want either cooked or uncooked and some fish and lots of water. This day is going to bring more and more veggies, because you would want to get rid of those glucose you built up with all the fruits you have been having and again, have some vegetable soup.

The grand finale is some brown rice, again some vegetables and fruit juice. This is where you eat some rice with a combo of fruit, veggies and if you want to reward yourself, have some little bit of meat. This is really going to push the extra unneeded fats from your body. There is also an Indian version of the GM Diet.